Security guards are important because they serve as an additional deterrent to criminals. Numerous potential threats that might exist in the area are stopped by security guards. In case, you want to improve the safety and security of your workplace, a big factor to consider is the kind of security guards you hire. We are going to learn more about the unarmed vs armed security guards in this article. In order for you to decide which is the better option for you.

Armed Security Guard

Armed security officers are those who have completed specialized training in the safe handling and transportation of firearms. This kind of specialized security is frequently used at banks, construction sites, and retail locations because these businesses need higher levels of security.

Unarmed Security Guard

In many gated communities, commercial establishments, and establishments, unarmed security guards constitute the norm. They do not carry firearms ensure the overall security and safety of the location. Unarmed security guards maintain building security by monitoring it with CCTV cameras and conducting routine patrols of the vicinity.


Armed vs. Unarmed Security Guards


Armed Security Guard Pros

  1. Armed security guards offer an additional layer of protection because they are armed, which frequently deters criminals from committing crimes.
  2. Can lessen robberies and thefts
  3. It can be very beneficial for well-known individuals who are put in danger of their lives.
  4. They can make people feel secure

Armed Security Guard Cons

  1. Possibly more costly than unarmed security guards
  2. Risks like accidental discharge or improper handling of weapons increase along with the added protection, adding to the seriousness of the situation.
  3. Others may not feel comfortable even though some people think having armed guards makes them feel better because they find it unpleasant to see guards holding weapons.

Unarmed Security Guard Pros

  1. It may be less expensive to choose unarmed security guards rather than armed guards.
  2. Security officers who aren’t armed can easily blend in with their surroundings.

Unarmed Security Guard Cons

  1. Although they can increase security, unarmed security guards are less likely to intimidate or deter some criminals, particularly armed ones, in the event of a threat.
  2. They would not have anything to defend themselves with a perpetrator enters the room carrying a weapon because they are unarmed.


Selecting Armed vs. Unarmed Security Guards

Here are some of the factors you have to consider to know which will be a better option for you:

Type of Business

When making a decision about security, it is important to consider the nature of your company and the goods you sell as they can impact the required level of security. For instance, if you sell valuable items like jewelry, increased security measures such as armed security guards may be necessary to deter thieves. Additionally, the location of your company on private property should be taken into account. Some companies housed in commercial buildings prefer unarmed security and do not permit armed security guards.

Your Security Preferences

Your security needs must be determined after considering the amount of risk in the area where your business is situated. Unarmed security officers are suitable for safer areas, while armed security is preferable in high-risk locations to minimize theft and robberies. The presence of security guards wielding firearms or other weapons often acts as a deterrent to potential criminals.


Consider your available budget as prices vary among security firms. While some companies charge the same for armed and unarmed security, others have different rates, with armed security being more expensive. Therefore, it is essential to take into account both the required security service and your budget.


Both armed and unarmed security guards serve specific functions that can enhance the security of your company. It is important to select the security service that aligns best with the specific requirements of your business.


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