Armed/Unarmed Guards

Our armed guards are known as nationwide to be professional, highly competent and effective.

Armed/Unarmed Guards

Our guards are known to be highly competitive, effective, and professional nationwide. Remaining on alert 24/7 that looks anything out of the ordinary.

The duties and responsibilities of each guard are different from one another, to introspect closely, have a look.

  • Security Guard Training
  • Armed Security Guard
  • Unarmed Security Guard
Security Guards Houston

Security Guards

Our security guards patrols and inspect the residential or commercial areas against fire, vandalism, theft, and illegal activity. They also monitor people and buildings in an effort to prevent spreading crime. Our security guards are also trained and skilled to perform additional duties they may take important phone calls, respond to messages, run errands, and other duties in nature specific listed above, available on duty 24/7 or part-time as the customer prefers, the security guards at Champion Security Agency are there to provide superior service to any client they serve. You can also hire our experienced personal protection officer.

Armed Security Guard

Our armed guards are trained and licensed to carry any weapon, which they may use when the people or locations to which they are assigned are under extreme duress. They are responsible for protecting designated people and places and should report noteworthy incidents to the company as they occur. We provide full 24/7 backup armed guards also in case of any emergency. Our armed guards also ensure that the safety equipment remains in excellent and working conditions all the time. The responsibilities discharged by them use absolute discretion regarding the use of their weapon.

Armed Security Guard Houston
Unarmed Security Guard Houston

Unarmed Security Guard

Our unarmed security guards are on alert and remain calm and confident and maintain a personal demeanor that helps him/her to control situations effectively using personal initiatives. The unarmed guards are always in a communication mode with the fellow partner to sense any unusual situation that arises. Their primary role involves guarding designated premises and people by manning the first tier of protection aided by appropriate security equipment/devices. The core responsibility involves being on patrol 24/7, night and day shifts, preventing terrorism, and proficient in fire and emergency situations.

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Short or Long term nationwide security guard services, reliable, affordable and carefully tailored to your needs.

Nationwide Security Guard Firm

Champion Security Agency is always available to provide for customers and clients and is available to serve with our nationwide security services. We provide secure and effective solutions to rising security issues all around the nation. Our services not only cater to just businesses, homes, schools, and organizations but provide for nationwide services contacting security officers and executive protection services for clients and customers offering supreme services with the utmost professionalism, preparation, and skills displayed by our officers meet the highest standards anywhere in the nation.

The objective of our agency is to provide the best officers to our nation and our security personnel goes through stages of rigorous screening process to meet the standards of our clients and the expectations and vision of our agency. Also, Our officers are trained to withstand any harsh circumstances and rough terrain to provide their best security services and protection to both domestic and foreign customers.

Our services are highly ranked as we are:

  • On duty 24/7
  • Day-to-day operations and overview
  • Highly trained staff
  • Emergency dispatch services
  • Affordable rates and premium services
  • Available through contact day and night

What Client Says

I can’t say enough positive things about this company ! Honestly out of all the security companies I found this one to be the best. The supervisors always have your back no matter what situation you in. They are very understanding, by far the best company ever. Keep Up The Great Work Champion Security Agency !!!!

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This company has securing properties across Houston for years. They have great competitive wages and great scheduling.

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