As various businesses expand in the modern era, so does the demand for security services, including different types of security guards, is also increasing. Since there are many dangers and threats year-round, most large and small businesses already see the need for security guards. Currently, over a million guards are working in every single nation to protect both the people and the property.

There are various types of security guards, so it’s crucial to have the appropriate security personnel assigned to the appropriate security appointment. Here are some of the various security guard types and the services you can expect from them.

Unarmed Security

Security officers perform this duty the bulk of the time. Unarmed security offer a physical presence on-site at a building or company. They respond to threats, patrol every area, and keep an eye on detection systems. When there is a guard on duty, no matter armed or unarmed, criminals will be aware that security is present. This might prove a hindrance in their path leading to less crime or no crime at all.

Armed Guards

Armed guards are thought to be the best option for locations that need a more rigorous security service. If a sudden incident occurs on site that calls for physical force, armed guards are typically there for physical defence. A lethal weapon is carried by armed guards on the job site. So they need more training and certification. Because of this, having an armed guard present deters criminals in some way, and they can also serve as unarmed guards.

Corporate Security Guards

One of the types of security guards are corporate security guards. Companies that operate in formal and corporate settings tend to favour them. These security guards have the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver both general security guard training and corporate site-specific training. These security guards are knowledgeable and adept at managing front-of-the-house issues, interacting with staff, and interacting with customers. Corporate security guards are well-trained and extremely helpful when you need staff for your regular business operations.

Warehouse Security

Access control is the main focus when it comes to warehouse security. It is important to protect both the contents of the warehouse and the people who have access to it. Warehouse security guards must have the ability to exercise control, keep a close eye on things, and react quickly to any alerts that may be picked up on a person or by a monitoring system.


These are the private security officers in charge of a person’s safety. They work to safeguard the lives of HNIs, dignitaries, famous people, and VIPs. These guards are properly equipped and trained. They are also known as “personal protection agents.”

Video Surveillance Operator

Employees of private security firms receive technology and methodology training for video surveillance. The operator may work with security officers to review video, carry out surveillance, and keep an eye on the situation. To track illegal activity, many businesses install surveillance cameras inside the building and around the perimeter.

Although the CCTV operation, which involves monitoring tasks, operates in a low-risk setting. It must be alert to a significant incident that affects the organisation’s operations.

Patrol Guards

Mobile patrol security guards drive around your home and workplace. They use a special vehicle day and night to look for any threats or suspicious activity. Mobile patrols are not usually present; they only patrol during emergencies. A security tagging system oversees patrol guards. It records the times and dates that they have patrolled specific parts of the property. Additionally, you can either hire a mobile patrol unit to visit your chosen location at predetermined intervals on predetermined days. Or you can hire a permanent security patrol guard or unit to patrol your property around the clock.

Event Security Guards

Due to their high visibility, event security guards are the most well-known in the industry. At events like concerts, sporting events, and business conferences, they are in charge of crowd control and upholding order.

The duties of an event security guard also include making sure that guests are only in designated areas and are not bringing prohibited items into the venue. However, in situations where there is a significant presence of alcohol or heightened emotions, security personnel may need to step in and defuse physical altercations.


Although the security sector provides a wide range of services. Many people don’t realize how crucial these services are to their needs, whether they be personal or professional. There may be a variety of options available to meet your specific needs or goals.

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