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Event Security for Trade Shows and Expos

The most important trade fairs and expos in the United States are those for technology, entertainment, and hospitality. Some of these shows have 175,000 or more attendees and hundreds of vendors. With this many people, enough security is necessary. In this article, we will discuss event security for trade shows and expos.

Check out these 5 must-haves for event security trade shows and expos:

Reduce vendor liability with event security for trade shows and expos

Vendors go from all over the world to attend trade exhibitions and expos. Expos are often the major means of recruiting new clients, which can lead to important contracts and partnerships. The risk of theft and property damage is increased when sellers bring a variety of products for demos. It raises the potential for theft and property damage. Qualified security specialists, both armed and unarmed, can help to reduce risk. They can do so by inspecting the premises for suspicious activity. They can interfere in criminal activity, and communicate with local law enforcement as soon as possible.

Guarantee the attendees’ safety with event security for trade shows and expos

Attendee safety is of the utmost importance in any major venue. In huge crowds, risks such as fire and the need for medical help are amplified and become difficult to deal with if the case arises. Security guards are trained to look for warning signals. And they also act as first responders until medical help and law authorities arrive.

Keep an eye on entry and exit points

Attendees at large trade exhibitions may be charged up to $3,000 per ticket. As a result, even a few unaccounted-for guests can cost thousands of dollars. Only authorized, paying guests should be permitted to enter if the influx of attendance is monitored by professional security personnel. This will maximize loss prevention while also improving safety.

Augment venue personnel and security

Although most venues use their own event personnel and security. The training of such personnel is often questionable. This means that in the event of an emergency, venue personnel may be unprepared to deal with huge crowds and act. The addition of outside security personnel who can collaborate with venue workers can only increase security and ensure a smooth operation. If something goes wrong, the investment will pay for itself tenfold.

Create an emergency evacuation plan

In the case of an emergency and evacuation, a specific protocol is required for huge crowds. Even when venues use their own employees, they are not always qualified to direct big crowds to appropriate exits. Most extensive training is required to function as a first responder. All that has to be done while maintaining safety, security, and order in an emergency. Employing experienced event security can mean the difference between a safe evacuation and the loss of life.

The importance of proper security measures for large events cannot be overstated. When in doubt, go with the safest alternative and choose a reputable security company like Champion Security Agency.

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