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Fire Watch Services

The massive Dixie Fire, which began on July 13, 2021, in the Sierra Nevada, was one of the most massive fires in recent history. It burned for more than three months and caused an estimated $1.15 billion in damage. It had a total burn area of 963309 acres, with 1329 buildings destroyed and 95 damaged. 

Thousands of firefighters were dispatched to fight the fire. They used a variety of equipment. It includes drip torches, bulldozers, helicopters, and hundreds of fire engines. They were unable to put out the fire until October 25, 2021. During the long battle with the fire, one firefighter died and three were injured.

The Dixie Fire is one of the most destructive wildfires in US history. It reduced almost a million acres of California land to ash. Even though it began in remote areas, it worsened as erratic winds blew it towards Lake Almanor, a popular vacation spot. Many of these communities were devastated by the previous Camp Fire in 2018 and were still rebuilding and recovering.

As a result of such fire incidents, many people have been placed in dangerous situations. It may be worthwhile to think about hiring a fire watch guard to keep your building safe.

What exactly is a fire watch service?

A fire watch service is provided by trained guards who patrol a property or business looking for potential fire hazards. Guards inspect a building for fire hazards so that they can be addressed and fire outbreaks avoided.

While fire watch guards are typically hired in areas with a high risk of fire, such as construction sites. They may also be hired when a building’s fire alarm system or safety equipment fails.

Because the people in the building are in danger. A fire watch guard’s job is to patrol the area and ensure that both people and property are safe until the equipment is operational again.

There are other responsibilities of a fire watch guard as well. Their job is to identify potential fire hazards that may cause a fire outbreak. They also need to perform a check on all fire safety equipment. They also need to act in the event of a fire outbreak to minimise damage and protect occupants.

Why are fire watch services required?

All fires, whether caused by natural causes or by fire hazards, pose a serious risk to oneself and the community. Aside from the loss of life, the financial consequences are severe.

There are some potential fire sources within any commercial facility or construction site. These include storing flammable equipment, faulty wires, or even cigarette butts. Hiring fire watch services is critical for preventing fires on construction sites and commercial properties.

Other reasons why a fire watch service is required include:

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